As much as I enjoy the stillness of Winter, it is impossible not to get excited over the Spring season and all the changes it brings. Nature stirs back to life from a cold sleep, and we follow the lead, gearing up for another busy year around our small homestead.

This month we’ve welcomed in a new puppy, a Texas Heeler named Sprocket, along with a small flock of three unregistered Jacob Sheep: a two-horned ram, Archimedes, a three-horned yearling ewe, Abiola, and a two-horned yearling ewe, Agrippina. The Jacob breed is quite an interesting breed of sheep; currently they are listed as threatened by The Livestock Conservatory. Needless to say, we are very excited to venture into the shepherding of these fine, hardy animals!

Our year has already brought hardships, as well as new opportunities to learn and grow. Every year, this beautiful season reminds me that the world is capable of fresh starts, of renewal, and the regeneration of the land stands to me as a testament to the possibilities that lay dormant, simply waiting for the right time to grow!

I hope your Spring season will bring many gifts of revival to you and yours. Thank you for reading!

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